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SEO Services – Professional Level SEO Research and Reporting:

Our Professional SEO Services range from $649.00 / month – $20,000.00 / month.  Our Services can be delivered to you in many ways.


Phone consulting


You determine the hours needed and you decide when to use Nexivate Group’s Internet marketing expertise and advice.


On-site consulting


Have Nexivate Group SEO specialists spend time with your company, meet with you or your team, evaluate your projects, and provide expert advice to make your current or next Internet marketing project a success.


Remote web consulting


By using desktop sharing technology, Nexivate Group can provide one-on-one advice by showing you our recommendations using your desktop browser. Alternatively, we can present information to dozens of your employees at the same time, the same remote interface.


One time or retainer based consulting


If you need something simple or if you know you’ll need our expertise for an extended period of time, you can hire us by the hour, by the project, or on a monthly retainer basis.

Complete Digital Marketing Solutions:

Comprehensive Website Reviews

The first step in beginning any successful SEO campaign is a complete and comprehensive review of where your website currently stands. We completely review and identify all potential roadblocks that would prevent your website from achieving exceptional rankings. The size, complexity, and scope of the project will affect the overall pricing of your website’s comprehensive SEO services review.

The following are representative of the components of a complete website review. These SEO reports can also be purchased independently.

Initial Website SEO analysis report

This seo services report looks deep into the construction and structure of your website, identifies the issues that spiders may have crawling and indexing the current site, along with providing recommendations on corrective actions to be taken.

Keyword Identification and Research Reports.

We feel that this is one of the most important elements of our SEO services. There is often confusion in what truly constitutes proper keywords. Our research will often uncover hundreds (if not thousands) of keywords that are applicable to your project. Our Keyword research is the most comprehensive in the industry. We identify KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index), KPI (Keyword Performance Index), CKPI (Competitively loaded Keyword Performance Index. This SEO information is combined with actual search volumes and then combined with position expectations and potential website visitor counts. We provide a complete cross section view of all online competition for each keyword and then sort the results into 4 priority groups. This gives you a clear priority of keywords based on how quickly you can expect to achieve rankings for each and the traffic you can reasonably expect for the effort needed to achieve the rankings.

Targeted Content Development Opportunity Reports

Tied closely to our keyword research is a comprehensive set of suggestions on how to improve the quality, focus and quantity of the content you need to build or corrections to the pages you already have. Complete density analysis of existing webpages may be provided along with keyword selection and incorporation suggestions for existing pages with these SEO services.

Content Action Plans

Are you at a loss when it comes to adding new pages? Have access to writers but don’t quite know what to get them to write about? Not sure how to expand the current information on your website? With a content action plan, we will help you further your online information through brainstorming and exploring further avenues of content both through implementation and creation.

Duplicate Content & Copyright Infringement Action Plans

Having trouble working around the duplicate content filter, or wanting to find those ripping off your unique website copy? We have extensive experience with the duplicate content filter and can assist you if you are discovering your copy is the one getting filtered, and how to deal with the copyright violators. We will recommend the appropriate steps (DMCA; cease & desist) to have the duplicates removed from the search engine indexes so your original content will once again rank at the top, and the steps you should take against the copy thieves.

In Depth SEO Competition Analysis

With this SEO services analysis we will give you a complete picture of the competitive landscape that you face online. How your competitors are getting traffic, and then assessments on the competitors conversion rates and revenue.

Initial Ranking (Benchmark)

Based on the Keyword Research SEO services report above, we will show you where you currently rank on all prospective keywords, giving you a very clear benchmark to measure against over the life of your SEO Services project.

User Experience Reports, Conversion Improvement Assessment

A comprehensive Website analysis that assesses your site from a user perspective, determining areas where visitors may struggle to find what they’re seeking, and prevent you from reaching your conversion goals. The primary goal of these SEO Services is to provide you with recommendations and solutions that correct these problems, improve conversion rates,and encourage return visits, sharing and natural linking. Depending on the depth of your needs, use of focus groups may be considered.

Off Site and On Site Linking Analysis

All links that point to your site (backlinks) from other domains will be reviewed with an a specific focus on quality, relevance page rank strength and trust value. Further, with this SEO Services analysis, we will assign a proprietary scoring model for link value to asses where within your site strengths and weaknesses exist. We will be able to calculate Page Rank Flow and provide recommendations on how to focus this flow within your site to the pages that have the most value as related to content and search engine placement opportunities. Additionally We will identify what of your current website attracts natural links from which sites and demographics.

Analytics Analysis, Review and Recommendation Reports

A comprehensive review of the analytics your site(s). This SEO Services report which is sometimes hundreds of pages long will give you a complete review of site and visitor performance. We will provide you with comprehensive suggestions for how to improve top landing pages, content, link building, marketing and information structuring and siloing to improve critical web metrics (i.e. conversion rates, time on site, bounce rates, bookmarking, and more) Additionally we will look for areas where analytics is not installed correctly providing you with step by step instructions on the best practices for analytics configuration.

Pay Per Click Audits

If you are having difficulty with your quality scores or have a poor converting ad campaign, a pay per click audit might be what you need. We will go through all aspects of your ad campaign, examining your landing page(s), ad copy quality, keywords, CTR, ROI essentially everything that can (and will!) impact your pay per click campaigns that negatively impact your bottom line. We will make recommendations for changes to improve ROI including quality score specific changes to improve scores – as well as suggest A/B testing where appropriate.

Complete Online Business Strategic Planning and Analysis

Strategic Planning reports are an extension of a traditional business consultant’s business planning, however they are specifically focused on your organization’s Internet marketing and online opportunities. With this SEO Services analysis, we will find opportunities were your organization can leverage your market position, products, services and personnel to create both long term strategic plans and short term tactical plans which when executed will result in your online success. Often included in the SEO Services strategic plan are numerous reports from above, in addition to recommendations on how to maximize the opportunities within your current customer base.

Social Media Analysis and Implementation Consulting

An in-depth look at your organizations current social network (if any) along with tactical planning for implementation. Social networks can build strong followings within the online community building fans of your products or brands. Find how your organization can reach out and communicate better through Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIN, and many other social networks. In depth analysis of your current positioning, and reputation as well as tactical and practical implementation plans for starting, or growing your success in the Web 2.0 arena are part of our SEO Services.

SEO Hazard Analysis, Identification, and Correction Consulting

Are you banned in Google? Have you got “bad neighborhood” links negatively impacting your search engine results. Our in-depth SEO Services will provide analysis on SEO Hazards in you backlinks, page formatting, site structure that may have been implemented by previous firms or internal personnel that are in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. These SEO Services will help you uncover and repair issues that can negatively impact the ranking performance of your site.

Community (Web 2.0) Site Building Road Map

Do you believe you have a strong opportunity to build a community Web 2.0 site? If you are starting, or are planning to, we can provide a tried-and-true road map for success in building, growing and maintaining a successful online community. We will discuss your goals, then we will build a step-by-step road map that you can then implement.

On-site Internet Marketing Training

We are available to do on-site training for social media, pay per click and other search engine marketing techniques for you and your team. Please let us know your needs, and we will customize the training for you. There is a minimum full-day requirement, which can be split over two sessions. We are available worldwide.

Additional Services and Reports:

  • General SEO Consultation

  • Viral Campaign Brainstorming, Creation and Implementation

  • Link Bait Campaign Creation

  • Blog Network Linking

  • Press Release Creation, Publishing, and Syndication

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